Garmin VS Tomtom: Which One Is The Best Sat Nav?

A GPS- Global Positioning System is a useful device that helps you to drive around the world. These are widely used devices nowadays. With the increase in the popularity of GPS devices, the number of GPS manufacturers has also increased. Among all the manufacturers, Garmin and TomTom are the two exclusive producers. Both the brands are quite comparable but there are some significant differences that will make you think “Which one is the best Sat Nav- Garmin or TomTom?”. For making a decision, you must look for the below comparison. This will you decide which product you should buy. 

Garmin VS Tomtom:Which One Is The Best Sat Nav?

  1. Budget

For reaching a decision, you can compare both the products on the basis of your budget. Both GARMIN or TOMTOM offers a versatile range of products that generally suits most of the budgets. Hence, the most sensible approach is to compare them according to the value of the money the product is offering. For example, if you want to use the sat nav device just for typing the location and getting the direction, then it is suggested to buy a TomTom device. Although, for advanced features like a built-in dashcam, you must pay a bit more and buy the Garmin Sat Nav device.

  1. Maps

Alongside the cost and interface, Maps are the most important thing to look at, while thinking about a Sat Nav device. TomTom acquires its maps from Tele Atlas, a European Company. While Garmin acquires its maps from an American Company, Navteq. However, both brands offer Worldwide maps and lifetime map updates. So, the comparison largely depends on the location you’re in.

  1. User Interface

To move on the busy roads, it becomes important to use the device that has an easy-to-use interface. If we compare both the products, then you will find that Garmin offers more easy and clear graphics and on-screen icons. It provides easy-to-navigate, and better-categorized menus. On the other hand, TomTom has not so easy and clear interface, but it provides more information while driving. In TomTom, you will get better real-time traffic alerts. If we compare, on the basis of the user interface, then Garmin is a win.   

  1. Point Of Interest

Along with these basic features, these sat-nav devices come with additional features, which makes them different from one another. One of the features that everyone looks for is Point Of Interest. This feature makes it simple and easy for you to search for your favorite places or the locations you visit the most. If we compare both the devices, then the TomTom device is more generic and provides a long list of searching for a particular location. On the other hand, Garmin allows you to access your locations in the form of POIs that will make it easy for you to search for it again and again. 

  1. Traffic Information and Related Updates

Real-time traffic information and related updates are important for getting a better driving experience and to avoid traffic jams. Both the products offer information in their own versions. But a study showed that the TomTom device provides a better driving experience with more accurate information. 

These are some of the features that will help you to make a comparison. Although both the products have some or the other advantage. You can find both pros and cons in these Sat Nav products. Hence, Which Sat Nav is better? It depends largely on your requirements and needs.