www.garmin.com/vivofit – How do i setup my New Vivofit?

Garmin Vivofit is your ultimate wearable fitness and activity tracker that incorporates state of the art technology, feature-packed and user-friendly design. This robust wrist-worn fitness tracker and smartwatch use an accelerometer to sense motion and track your activity level. It is primarily used to track time, distance, calories burned, and step counts during an entire day. Besides that, www.garmin.com/vivofit monitors your active time and tracks your sleep. In short, it tracks your progress and analyze your data to keep you motivated on your path to fitness. Moreover, you can get customizable reports of your activities, join online fitness groups, and fulfil your fitness goals. 

Key Features

This fitness-focused activity tracker comes in an elegant yet understated appearance for ensuring undivided attention to your fitness goals. It’s feature-rich and highly customizable design ensures great usability and unbeatable performance.

  • Sleek, customizable and user-friendly design
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • 24/7 Wearable
  • Personalised daily goals
  • Year-long battery life with a replaceable battery
  • Shows steps, calories, intensity minutes, distance and time of day
  • Monitors sleep
  • Auto activity detection classifies activity type on Garmin Connect
  • Reminds you to stay active with move bar and audible alert
  • Automatically syncs to Garmin Connect to save, plan and share progress
  • Telemetry strap for monitoring heart rate 

Setup for www.garmin.com/vivofit.

Garmin Vivofit is your personal fitness trainer that accompanies you everywhere to always keep you on track. However, before you could experience the wonders of this outstanding smartwatch, you must connect it to your Fitbit account on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer. This facilitates the sharing of data with your account. As a result, you can easily see your stats, analyze historical trends, set goals, log food and water, connect with friends, and a lot more. 

Is It Possible To Use The Vivofit Device Without The Setup

Setup for www.garmin.com/vivofit is essential to gain access to the full functionality of your award-winning Vivofit devices. However, you can still use it without the setup by means of Garmin Connect application with limited functionality. Its Basic Mode offers access to the following four screens on the display panel of the gadget.

    • Step count
    • Auto goal
    • Move bar
    • Heart rate (This will be applicable to only those devices that comes with a heart rate monitor straps)

Besides that, it will not maintain any history data. In other words, it will reset your step count every day while you are asleep. This will be based upon your inactivity level of the first-day usage. For instance, it will reset the step counter to zero assuming three hours of inactivity on the first day of use as midnight. Thereafter, it will use the same time as midnight until you complete the setup for www.garmin.com/vivofit.

How To Setup www.garmin.com/vivofit?


You can manage your www.garmin.com/vivofit by means of linking it to the Garmin Connect account. This is possible through your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. 

Setup www.garmin.com/vivofit On A Mobile Device

Get Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is an innovative and brilliant tool for Garmin users who want to manage their state of the art gadgets through a mobile device. This on-stop mobile application is your gateway to the inspiring Garmin Connect online community. It facilitates tracking, analysing and sharing health and fitness activities gathered by your Garmin devices. 

In order to set up www.garmin.com/vivofit, you are required to install this user-friendly application on your mobile device. 

    • First and foremost, you must go to your smartphone’s application store. In other words, Android mobile users should open the Google Playstore. On the other hand, iOS users should access the Apple Store.
    • Now, you should search for the Garmin Connect application and open it.
    • Next, you should click on “Install”.
    • Consequently, it will prompt you to allow access to your mobile phone’s data. Hence, click on “Continue”. 
    • Thereafter, wait while the installation process completes.

Pairing www.garmin.com/vivofit With Your Smartphone

    • First of all, click on the Garmin Connect icon on the Home screen of your smartphone. 
    • Next, you should click on “Launch”. 
    • Now, click on “Get Started”.
    • Thereafter, it will prompt you to turn on your Vivofit gadget.
    • Hence, press the “Device Key” button on your Garmin Vivofit to turn it on.
    • Here, you must ensure that the device must remain close to your mobile throughout the process.
    • Subsequently, hold the “Device Key” button on your Garmin gadget until it’s display screen shows “Pair”.
    • Consequently, your smartphone will locate your device. Now, click on “Continue” when you get the confirmation.
    • As a result, it will initiate the Pairing process.
    • Next, you will get a pop-up box to access your Garmin Connect account. Here, you should select “I Need To Create A New Account”.
    • Now, fill in your profile information accurately as requested in the account creation form.
    • Finally, click on “Create Account”.
    • The next window will prompt you to provide certain other details. Hence, provide relevant information.
    • Then, click on “Continue”.
    • This will lead you to the User Interface of Garmin Connect.
    • At last, it may transfer some software updates to your device which will take time.

Hence, wait while ensuring the device stays near to your smartphone.

Synching Your Device

This is the last stage of your www.garmin.com/vivofit setup procedure.

    • First of all, place the Vivofit gadget near your smartphone and turn it on.
    • Then, launch the Garmin Connect application on your phone.
    • Next, you should “login” to your account.
    • Now, press and hold the “Device Key” to view the “Menu”.
    • Subsequently, press and hold the “WiFi icon” on Vivofit.
    • Thereafter, wait while it syncs your data. 

This completes the www.garmin.com/vivofit setup procedure with your mobile device.

Setup www.garmin.com/vivofit On A Laptop or Computer

Apart from the mobile devices, you can also operate www.garmin.com/vivofit through your desktop computer. 

    • First and foremost, you should plug in the “USB ANT Stick” that you get along with your Vivofit gadget.
    • At the same time, bring your gadget within a distance of 3 meters from your computer.
    • Now, open a browser on your computer and go to www.garmin.com/vivofit. 
    • Here, it will give you download buttons to download the Garmin application for both Windows and Mac. Hence, click on the “Download” button according to your OS.
    • Subsequently, click on “Run” once the download completes successfully.
    • Now, select the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Finally, click on the “Install” tab.
    • Next, you should click on “Launch”.
    • However, if it fails to open the application. Then, click on the application icon to open it. Thereafter, click on “Get Started”.
    • Consequently, it will start searching for your device. Hence, turn it on by pressing the “Device Key”.
    • Now, hold the “Device Key” until you see “Pair”.
    • Thereafter, look back at your computer. Here, click on “Continue” when you get the “Device Found” confirmation window.
    • After that, select “I Need To Create A New Account” option when prompted.
    • Then, fill in your profile details and click on “Create Account”.
    • Subsequently, provide some other details as specified on the next window. Then, click on “Continue”.
    • Now, select “Go To Garmin Connect” to proceed with www.garmin.com/vivofit setup.
    • This may lead to a transfer of software updates to your Garmin gadget. Hence, wait for it to complete.
    • At last, you are all set to use the full functionality of Garmin Vivofit.

If you still face any issue while setting up your vivofit Device you can visit Garmin Support page for instant resolutions.