What is Garmin Pay and How does its work? | Garmin Support

Garmin is well known for their various innovative GPS Navigation products. Today Garmin has expanded its product line to aviation, marine and automotive industry also. Nowadays, Gramin products have become an important part of the day to day life. To further innovate, Garmin has now come up with “Garmin Pay”. 

Garmin Pay

What is a Garmin Pay?

Since security is always a major concern. Hence, Garmin has introduced “Garmin Pay”. GarminPay is a mode of payment which is done right from your Garmin watch. It allows you to pay for things at selected stores around the world. 

GarminPay is a contactless payment solution. It is a faster, secure and convenient mode of payment. GarminPay is a smartwatch payment system which allows you to pay right from your wrist. Hence, you don’t need to have a wallet or smartphone in order to make a transaction. GarminPay is designed keeping in mind the users, who are always moving. 

This payment method lets you to make purchases quickly as well as effortlessly. You just need a few quick touches to access  GarminPay with your smartwatch. It permits you to do the transactions using transaction codes without saving your card details. Hence, it becomes a secure mode of payment. 

How does it work?

Using the GarminPay is easy. It works a lot like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Fitbit Pay. By using your Garmin smartwatch watch, you can pay for any value and with most of the retailers.

For making a purchase through GarminPay, you first have to set up GarminPay in your smartwatch and later you can use it to make purchases.

Garmin-Pay Setup:

For setting up Garmin-Pay, follow the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, download the “Garmin Connectapp.
  • Next, you have to pair your Garmin wearable with the app
  • After that, create a Garmin wallet using the app.
  • Now, add a card to your wallet. 

If everything went without a hitch, then your Garmin watch will display “Pay has been activated”. 

Payment using Garmin-Pay:

After setting up, the next step is to make a purchase and subsequently, make payment using your GarminPay. For making the payment with Garmin-Pay, follow the below-given steps carefully.

    1. Firstly, you have to press and hold the “Action Button” on the watch. 
    2. Next, search for the GarminPay i.e your virtual wallet, from the menu. Subsequently, tap it
    3. After that, enter the 4-digit passcode that you have created.
    4. Now, it will show the added cards. You can swipe up and down to redesign your added cards list.
  • Select the desired card.
  1. Afterwards, bring your wrist closer to the contactless card reader.
  2. Once the card reader will select the card. Then, the watch face will light up and you will feel a vibration buzz. Along with that, you will see a tick on the screen of your watch. 

This will complete the payment using GarminPay. The best thing about GarminPay is that after entering the passcode while you are wearing the watch, you won’t have to enter it again for the next 24 hrs. The passcode will get disable before 24 hrs, only when you take off your watch or disable heart rate monitoring from it. 

With so much to offer, GarminPay has become a must to try payment method. This will redefine your payment experience and provide you with the best protection from the payment threats. So, why to wait for more. Think about it and grab a Garmin smartwatch and use GarminPay.